is a B2B market research firm and an exclusive platform dedicated to connecting you with the best mobile app development companies from around the world. We help service buyers by providing a shortlist of the right app development company that best fits your need. We also provide an in-depth review of major app development companies from around the world. We also help mobile app firms gain more online visibility and acquire new customers and boost their brand visibility. curates the best mobile app development companies based on over 50 data points collected about every company. Based on our comprehensive research methodology and several criteria, we use our special algorithm to narrow down the companies that best fit your project needs. serves as an all-in-one search platform for online service/software solution seekers, thereby cumulating potential web traffic for the vendors. Basically, functions as the bridge between the clients and the software companies & products. Thus, IT companies and products can take the opportunity to showcase their work to the right audience by getting registered with and leverage this massive exposure to convert leads.

  • Our prices are low compared to our competitors. We charge per category selection and not per web page.
  • Our review process is short as compared to our competitors.
  • Our one of the ways of collecting reviews is: we directly contact a company’s client and take note of his/her experience.
  • We accept Video Testimonials, Corporate Videos, and Portfolio related Videos.
  • We have an extra section – Company Certifications.

We encourage anyone with insightful and engaging article to contribute to MobileAppDevelopers. You can pitch your story and learn more about our writing guidelines and pitch your story by visiting our Write For Us page here: https://mobileappdevelopers/writeforus.

Build Trust With Customers

  • Receive positive feedback from your customers
  • Build trust and adding value to your services
  • Get Authentic & Positive reviews as social evidence of your professionalism

Increase Traffic and Generate More Leads

  • Get listed along with Top-ranked mobile app development companies on
  • Reach more than 500 000 active buyers every month
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Improve Your Services

  • Monitor customer behavior on
  • Get Actionable Insight to the areas that need improvement

Client Testimonials: Service buyers value objective and honest client testimonials from an independent site like our platform rather than from your company website.

Authentic and positive feedback of your customers on a trusted neutral third party platform, which MobileAppDeveloper is, serves as a social proof.

Social proof is an important factor for making a decision while choosing a service company or software provider. This will significantly increase the conversion of existing leads, as well as generate new ones.

Ask your clients and partners to leave a feedback on your company/software and create a Social Proof together with

Yes, we do! We offer many free features for service providers to generate leads, build their online reputation, and establish brand leadership in their industry.We also provide featured and premium options for service buyers that want to upgrade.

Below are the features that come with Free Listings

  • Company Profile: You create a simple profile with your company overview, expertise, service focus areas, staff strength and many more
  • Client Reviews and Feedback: Encourage your clients to submit feedback and reviews of your past projects.
  • Client Testimonials and References : Ask your clients to submit testimonials or references of your past projects.
  • Awards and Accolades: Gain more reputation with service buyers by including your company awards and accolades.
  • Marketing Services: Showcase and share your ratings and reviews on your website, blogs, social media, with our badge and widgets.
  • Contributed Content: Contribute content on MobileAppDevelopers and share your thought leadership and expertise by writing for us.
  • Leadership Awards: Get ranked based on our research methodology and get featured as a Top Company in our monthly research report.
  • Inclusion on Our Sister Websites: Get featured on partner websites including and/or These are partner websites to MobileAppDevelopers.

We also offer featured and premium options for companies interested in getting more visibility, extra customer service, and additional marketing opportunities.

It is quite simple and absolutely free. All you have to do is:

  • Go to the Media kit page at MobileAppDevelopers.
  • Select suitable badge type from the list.
  • Select size of the badge you want to embed on your website.
  • A link will be generated, use that code along with your badge on website.
  • Paste the badge into the footer of your website.

Just make sure that the badge is clickable and integrated with its associated URL. It must redirect to the correspondent page on getting clicked. Once that is done, inform the team of MobileAppDevelopers about the completion of task on so that your company logo gets highlighted in our ‘Featured Partners’ web page as well. And that’s it, you have now become a ‘Featured Partner’ with MobileAppDevelopers.

The higher positions in the ‘Directory’ list are kept reserved for the sponsors as well as featured partners. We offer a completely unbiased and equal chance to all the companies/software, to become either of them and reach higher ranks in this listing. In order to get preference for getting listed at top positions, try to get more reviews posted at MobileAppDevelopers’ profile by your clients as it undoubtedly enhances the value of your company/software.

The prospects visit MobileAppDevelopers looking for companies/software products with little patience, and expect to find the perfect one in a short period of time. Apparently, the companies/software placed in the upper spots grab the attention of prospects quickly and thereby possess a better chance for visibility. In simple words, if you have seized the top positions, you are bound to gain potential web traffic.

For Company Profile - To take full control of your profile; just ask for the credentials of the same by emailing us on the email id:  and our client relationship manager will assist you further. Please note that the request received should be from a company domain registered email id only.

For Software Profile - To take full control of your profile; just ask for the credentials of the same by emailing us on the email id:  and our client relationship manager will assist you further. Please note that the request received should be from a company domain registered email id only.

A situation occurs quite often when a new member of your organization takes control of your MobileAppDevelopers  profile and then there is a need to change the username and password to take things forward with the new personnel. In such cases, you can again simply mail us on and our client relationship manager will assist you further to change the username and password as per your choice. Please note that the request received should be from a company domain registered email id only.

Well, it depends. If there has already been client engagement with your profile like receiving verified reviews about your work, then we are dutifully bound to keep the profile in the display being a research and review firm. But if there has been zero activity with your profile, you can contact us at  and write about your wish to remove it from MobileAppDevelopers  with a sound reason. And we promise to give the best of our services for the same.

The team of doesn’t let the reviews publish as it is. The identification of reviewers is verified through their LinkedIn profiles. Once, we are satisfied with the reviewers’ social and professional presence online; we publish the reviews on the profile of the company/software.

If that’s the true case, you can ask your client to send the rating & review information via mail on the email id: (The mail received should be from company domain email only). Also, if not LinkedIn, it is recommended to request your client to send his/her other social profiles. Our client relationship manager will then forward the content to the research team of MobileAppDevelopers. When they give a thumbs-up for the same, the review will be published on the profile of your company/software.

Yes, if the review is not published on the company/software profile and the status of your review shows to be ‘pending’ in your client account. Just follow this navigation: My Account → My Reviews → Edit

But, if the review status shows ‘published’, then you can send your edit request via mail on email id: 

Note: Only clients can edit the reviews, accessing their account on MobileAppDevelopers.

Yes, definitely. All the published reviews will be listed in the ‘Published Review’ section of your company/software account on MobileAppDevelopers ‘Add Response’ button, and reply with your thankful words.

Firstly, being the service/product provider, you can address the negative concerns of your clients by providing a thorough explanation of the issues faced in the project in the response to their review.

Secondly, if you are confident that you have poured in your 100% efforts towards the project then you can mail us your explanation with the logical attestation that proves the review incorrect. We assure you of full cooperation from our research team in such matters. We will investigate the details and ask for the reviewers’ take on the attestation as well. If he/she doesn’t reply within 48 hours with a suitable answer, the negative review will be removed from your profile.

MobileAppDevelopers' spearheading research process includes three fundamental assessment criteria: Quality, Reliability, and Ability of the service or software product offered by the organizations. Every supplier is scored from 1 to 10 on an aggregate of 6 measurements - Reviews, Portfolio, Market Penetration, Experience, Design and Development/Marketing Service. A definitive value is calculated out of 30 which fall into our effectively divided measures - Excellent, Very great, Good, Average and Poor. The underlying research depends on essential and auxiliary research work, conducted in-house, and through information accessible from different sources, consistent with our knowledge. From therein, the ranks of the service providers depends mostly on the reviews received for their work.

  • In-house research for listing the companies.
  • Algorithm-based research in the backend for evaluating a company’s position in the market.
  • One-to-one research for the authentication of the reviews received by all companies and software solutions.
  • Research blogs on current trends and tactics of various IT domains to help businesses take an informed decision.
  • Survey-based research articles to provide the exact statistics of the market to the service providers and seekers.

Yes, at regular intervals. We have a treasure of the best companies in the world that have partnered with us and we make the most of it to serve our users. We conduct surveys on various topics like eCommerce app, web design, SEO trends, mobile app development etc. that help us dig insights on the best tools, current priceline, latest techniques and what not! We then publish a detailed article showcasing the survey answers that we have received from the market experts globally in a graphical manner and explain in simple words about what’s going on in the market. You can find the list of these articles listed under ‘Research’ in the footer of our website.

MobileAppDevelopers provides equal opportunities for all sorts of IT companies and software to get showcased in the upper positions of the ‘Directory’ list, where thousands of prospects visit every single day, looking for outsourcing IT services/product. MobileAppDevelopers understands that every company has a specific budget for marketing itself in the market. Thus, MobileAppDevelopers offers a pretty reasonable pricing chart for companies to become sponsors and boost their way past their competitors towards the top. And well, acquiring top positions reciprocates with the attention of a higher number of prospects with a much better chance to grab the challenging projects at a faster pace.