The Impact of Virtual Reality on Mobile Apps

The term ‘Virtual Reality’ has become a buzzword in this digitized world. With more and more apps landing in the market every day, app creators are somehow impelled to bring something entirely

For a hospital or a healthcare related industry, patient empowerment is always a double-edged sword. There is pressure to invest in continuous improvement. Patient empowerment is just not about patient engagement, nor about delivering service with a reactive approach. Instead, it is about supporting the patients at every level and minimizing the crisis moment for them in addition to making decisions that reflect the strategies. It is an endeavour that always starts with a systemic approach, sound policy, excellent patient care and transparency in healthcare. To improve operational efficiency and to gain better control over the Hospital management process, it is imperative that all hospitals and healthcare organizations own a good Hospital Management Software system.

There is no doubt that Hospital management software systems will have an intense impact on the healthcare industry in the years to come.

The following sections of the article will discuss widely on Hospital management; benefits of investing in good Hospital management solutions, and then eventually explain some of the striking features of the 10 Top Free and Open Source Hospital Management Softwaresolutions. 

What is Hospital Management?

Hospital management is a process where healthcare providers can practice effectively and efficiently accurate administration of everything right from patient registration till appointment & scheduling, patient information management, document management, consultation management, lab management, drug safety management, doctor-patient interaction, diet management, report generation, staff management, ward management, and outpatient management.

In short, good Hospital management starts by ensuring anytime availability, anytime accessibility and high quality of the healthcare system to the patients. It can promise better outcomes.

Having an automated Hospital Management System (HMS) can help hospitals practice an accurate and fast transactional approach, efficient administration, better patient care and precise execution at each stage.

Hospital Management System (HMS)

The Hospital Management Software market is segmented by product as cloud, on-premise, free, paid and open source hospital management solutions and also based on the modules offered. The Hospital management system enables hospitals and healthcare centres to function systematically and manage information effectively to deliver better patient care. The software integrates with all the functionalities of the hospitals and all the information related to doctors, patients, and hospital staffs. Several hospitals have installed hospital management software to streamline their operation and business process. The intention is to manage every aspect, of any size and boost work effectively across all levels, at all time.

Potential Benefits of Hospital Management Systems

  • Efficient and accurate hospital administration
  • Improved monitoring
  • Improved patient-doctor interactions
  • Enhanced information integrity
  • Reduced duplication of information
  • Minimal/zero data errors
  • Patient empowerment
  • Business enhancement
  • Be technically-advanced
  • Enhanced data security
  • Better clinical decision-making
  • Better revenue
  • Good ratings
  • Track errors and details in real-time
  • Paperless work environment (Helps to go green)
  • Timer-based task execution
  • In-built messaging/mail system, alerts, and notifications
  • Comprehensive and hospital-wide information management
  • Above all, it is easy to use

benefits of Hospital Management System

Other Benefits:

  • Dietary Management
  • Blood Bank Management
  • Laboratory Information Management
  • Ambulance Services Management
  • Nursing and Ward Management
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Operation Theatre Scheduling and Management
  • Waste Management
  • Housekeeping and Laundry Management
  • Causality Management
  • Document Management System


Visual communication of information using some schematic approach is the result of Data Visualization.

The following section of this article will widely discuss about why data visualization is essential for the organizations today; how the term has evolved and what changes it has been going through since its inception and what would be its future.

Data can be anything from simple figures to collected information. But, the way it can be integrated, implemented to something or used to derive some significant result that too, in the visual formats of charts, bars and graphics is all about the visualization process.

The process is accomplished using a variety of commercial, semi-commercial, free-trial-based, totally free, open source, premium, freemium software solutions available in the market.

Now, it depends upon the requirements of the users what kind of software solution suits best to them. This article widely discusses the importance of data visualization in this era and how the term free and open source data visualization software programs can meet his business needs along with providing an economical solution.

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